Our services

Person review
Partner, potential client or job applicant’s review
Review’s details
Market research
Competitors and pre-entering foreign market research
Research details
Military intelligence
Military investigations, fact-checks, satellite intelligence in Eastern Europe
Research details
Company review
Competitor review, verification of the reputation of the contractor or investment project
Review details
Military analytics
Daily personally military newsletters with the main events of the full-scale war in Ukraine
Review details
Investigations in 2021
500+ reports on people
350+ reports on large business companies
50+ market research
People in staff
Open and closed registers of all countries

Legal sphere

Collection of compromising data about the opponent in court
Search for infringers of intellectual property rights
Search for information about the company before filing a lawsuit to recover the debt


IT market analysis
Product expertise
Research by industry

Space industry and defense sector

Due diligence
Market analysis
Checking the reliability of foreign suppliers

Investment funds

Check-up of the reliability of the investment project
Choosing a target market or niche
Search for patents for similar purposes before creating a new product

How we work

Accept the request
We define goals and develop an individual research algorithm
Maintain confidentiality
We protect the anonymity and collect the data in private mode
Carry out research
Data is being collected and analyzed by subject matter experts
Make a review
We verify, evaluate and organize collected data
Send the review
Client solve an issue

Key locations

The team conducted research in 39 countries, most investigations are conducted in locations: Ukraine, USA, UK