Military intelligence

Satellite intelligence in Eastern Europe

The global OSINT community Molfar conducts intelligence on satellite imagery – we use materials provided to us by partners from public or private military clients. Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose information in the public domain, but we are happy to provide you with information during a private conversation.

If you are interested in the service of satellite image analysis – we have enough skills to meet your needs. Again, we emphasize: contact us in person through the form on the site, and we will show what we can do with examples and cases. It is not only about operational analysis of images, but also about working with arrays of satellite images, including archives – to create dynamics and compare changes in terrain over time during some periods.

Military investigations and fact-checking

The Molfar team has launched military investigations to help Ukraine fight the russian federation. We establish the real facts of events, and refute the propaganda allegations of russian figures, which they use to justify the war crimes of the russian army.


Molfar military investigation:

  • Debunking the propaganda bloc of the Russian pro-government media [link].
  • Investigation of the actions of the Russian army during the invasion of Ukraine [link].
  • Investigation into the algorithm of actions of Russian propagandists, thanks to which the Russian authorities justify the beginning of the war in neighboring countries and the shelling of civilian objects [link] + [link2].
  • Investigation into the shelling of the Drama Theater in Mariupol together with The Times [link] + [link2].
  • Investigation into the facts of the criminal shelling of the maternity hospital in Mariupol [link].
  • Investigation into the shelling of the central square in Donetsk with the help of the Tochka-U missile system [link].
  • Investigation into the torture of civilians by war criminals in the occupied territories with the participation of Italian photographer Gabriele Micalizzi [link].
  • Operational investigation into the identification of the corrector of artillery and cruise missiles using search by social networks, the actions of the corrector led to the destruction of shopping and entertainment center "Retrovil" in Kyiv [link].

Molfar is also actively collecting and confirming the positions of international companies, public figures and media personalities on their attitude to the armed aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. There is a special resource called «Betrayer Among Us» created by the Molfar team

Molfar's military investigations are used by the international media. In particular, the British newspaper The Times helped the company:
— to refute the lie about the shelling of the maternity hospital in Mariupol [link];
— spread the truth about the atrocities of Russian war criminals in Bucha [link].

Also, together with the Ukrainian media and independent organizations, Molfar identifies war criminals – both ordinary soldiers and officers, including captains of the Russian Navy – to transfer the data to the International Prosecutor's Office to investigate crimes and pass sentences

  • «Батько в запасі ВМС, брат дружини — учасник АТО. Хто ті російські військові, які запускають ракети з Чорного моря» — «Українська правда», May 11, 2022
  • «Обличчя ворога: ймовірні мародери, вбивці та гвалтівники» — «Наші гроші. Львів», May 9, 2022
  • «Російська хтонь у всій «красі». Як виглядають ймовірні вбивці, мародери та ґвалтівники російської армії з Бучі — фото» — «Новое Время», April 19, 2022

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