Military analytics

Fact-checking of war events, investigation of war crimes, identification of war criminals, search for traitors and collaborators in temporarily occupied territories. Analysis of satellite images, establishment of geolocation by photo, search for military objects, restoration of the sequence of events during special operations. Expert identification of military equipment, weapons, missiles and projectiles by fragments of surviving parts after the bombing. Search for relationships of specific individuals with military formations, terrorist groups and sanctioned persons.


Restoring the exact chronology of events over a certain period of time to establish the real facts of the terrorist attack, identify the weapons used, and establish those responsible for the attack and those involved in the organization of the attempt

Legal proof of the facts of cooperation with representatives of the aggressor side in wars of aggression, establishing the motivation of the participants in the military conflict, agency investigation (HUMINT) for obtaining inside information

Collection of information for the investigation of individual events that led to significant social changes and caused a violent reaction among the population of the countries, archiving of large arrays of collected information

Identification of the exact location that is used for military purposes, establishing the identities of the military personnel present at the positions

Calculation of the risks of opening/running a business or attracting investments in the context of cooperation with companies, interaction with which may lead to reputational risks and fall under secondary EU and US sanctions

Research of the financial component of military-political events, macroeconomic analysis of state participation of subjects in armed conflicts

Why Molfar?

Molfar uses access to administrative databases, information from insiders, automatic collection of large data sets, secure research of social networks and other open sources of information.

Molfar services are confidential, it is impossible to establish the fact of the search, the customer of the service or its executor.

Stages of work

Preliminary research

First, we need to understand the task and conduct preliminary research – it's quick and free. We do not take on projects that we cannot complete.

Agreement of terms

We determine whether we can guarantee you the expected result, then we agree on the exact amount, execution time and details. If everything is ok, we accept the payment and get to work.

The result of the work

We send you the investigation materials in the agreed terms, after that, we are waiting for your feedback. Then we refine the materials and finalize the result.


What's in the report?

  1. In case of identification: a full report on the military, including biography, private data, information about relatives, inside information and legal information. Establishing the facts of a person's involvement in war events, which are classified by international law as war crimes and do not lead to an amnesty for the perpetrator, provided that he performs a combat mission.
  2. In case of identification of the area: detailed graphic analysis with maps, reconstructed projectile flight paths, known positions and concentrations of the military contingent. Expert assessment of assumptions about the development of events, chronological factology for documenting war crimes.
  3. In the case of identification of sanctioned companies: a simplified report of the company's investigation with an emphasis on the factual involvement of the company in terrorist groups, special military services of state-owned forms of ownership and specific persons involved in the military-political leadership or performing similar functions within the scope of illegal collaborative powers.
  4. In the case of fact-checking a terrorist attack: photos, videos, chronology of events, posts on social networks, insiders, analysis of circumstances and military objectives that could lead to the commission of a terrorist attack.
  5. In the case of fact-checking of business cases related to military organizations: establishment of motivations of event participants, collection of factual confirmation of events, photos, videos, prerequisites of the event, legal assessment of changes as a result of the event, insights obtained during the investigation process.
  6. In case of research of large arrays of data: discussed information that we will collect according to the agreed scenario to solve a certain task of a military-political nature. We can also automate data collection according to certain criteria, which will facilitate obtaining information for intelligence and journalistic tasks.