Market research

Market research, preliminary market review for the development of an innovative project, investment attraction, etc. Analysis of competitors, their business models, sales channels, prices and other parameters. Assessment of the dynamics of the development of individual companies on the market, the success of product introduction and the development of trends within the market. Investigation of the features of the company's work, the quality of service provision and the level of expert interaction with product users thanks to agency intelligence (HUMINT).


Understanding the market by general financial indicators: establishing the main players, their market share, indicators of activity and influence, investment attractiveness of the industry

Isolation of trends based on the results of market activity during a specific period (year, quarter, month), research of peculiarities of legal regulation of the market in a specific country

Obtaining information for building programs to improve the company's work within a certain market

Market researches for integration of new brands, projects, products, services

Assessment of the level of service provision by individual companies, expert conclusions based on research results

Multifactor financial and economic analysis, legal basis of market operation, investigation of the origin of market assets through verification of management and top management connections of the largest market players

Why Molfar?

Molfar uses access to administrative databases, information from insiders, automatic collection of large data sets, secure research of social networks and other open sources of information.

Molfar services are confidential, it is impossible to establish the fact of the search, the customer of the service or its executor.

Stages of work

Preliminary research

First, we need to understand the task and conduct preliminary research – it's quick and free. We do not take on projects that we cannot complete.

Agreement of terms

We determine whether we can guarantee you the expected result, then we agree on the exact amount, execution time and details. If everything is ok, we accept the payment and get to work.

The result of the work

We send you the investigation materials in the agreed terms, after that, we are waiting for your feedback. Then we refine the materials and finalize the result.


What's in the report?

  1. Market research: historical construction, principles of operation, legal regulation.
  2. Financial indicators of the market, shares of the largest players, volumes of involved investments, expert assessment of the investment environment of the market, analysis of competitors, their business models, sales channels, prices and other pre-agreed parameters for study.
  3. Graphic representation of fundamental performance indicators, segmentation of market shares according to the discussed criteria, construction of trends.
  4. Information needed to understand the main events that shaped the market environment and the current basis for the work of companies in this area.
  5. Research of agreed products and services, the quality of their provision and other criteria, collection of specific information at the customer's request.
  6. Media activity related to the market environment, research on the impact of specific people and events on the market, modeling of development processes of specific industries.