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Molfar analytics“DShRG Rusich”: a neo-Nazi unit in the service of the Russian armed forcesAustralian Open 2023: who raised the banned Russian flag?Molfar identified the movement routes of GuardService PMC, the Belarusian analogue of the Wagner PMCYevgeny Prigozhin: the way from prison to Russian state-buildingRussian Federation's Terrorist Attack at Dnipro City: 55 Names from 52nd Guard's Regiment (Shaykivka) Responsible for Residential Building Rocket AttackHackathon of the “PMC Wagner Center”: Molfar announces the names of the winnersWhat burned best in Russia, 2022: analytics and forecasts by MolfarUkrainian children stolen by Russia: how many have been taken, who is behind it, whereabouts of childrenAndroid and iOS applications from Russia in Ukrainian smartphonesFact-checking of the attack on the base of Russian soldiers in Crimea: drone or the newest Ukrainian missile?Who supports russian terrorist Igor Girkin? Molfar hacked Girkin's website and got all the dataMicrochips for the war against Ukraine: how Russia bypasses sanctions with the help of Kazakhstan?The role of Iran in Russia's war against Ukraine is growing: the analysis of Molfar expertsHow Russian propaganda attacks the Western audience with narratives about Ukrainian NazisFact-checking of the attack on the Russian fascists base: geolocation by photoFact-checking of the attack on the training ground of Russian soldiers: reverse search for the coordinates"Motor Sich" and Russia: what does China and Cuba have to do with it?What’s wrong with Amnesty International?How to find a hidden YouTube channel email addressExecution of civilians in Kupyansk: propagandists justify the war crimes of Russian soldiers (video)Iranian drones in the Russian invasion: analysis by Molfar expertsAlternative account in social networks is an element of digital securityMinistry of Defense of the Russian Federation officially confirmed the shelling of 137 schools out of 1,422 in five regions of UkraineRussian casino 1XBet has another license in Ukraine under a different name: investigation of PointLoto (“Melbet”)Who exports stolen Ukrainian grain? Molfar confirmed the Russian scheme of stealing Ukrainian grain.Replika: a Russian application of artificial intelligence that "replaces" people killed by the RussiansWhat is wrong with the IAEA?Children, the Red Cross and Bayraktar: Voluntary Donations and Forced FundraisingOSINT Investigation, Its Purposes and TypesHow to Use OSINT in CybersecurityLinkedin for OSINT InvestigationsOSINT Market: What Is It and What Potential Does It HaveOSINT Investigation: How to Use IP AddressThe best cloud services of Ukraine in 2022: Molfar's research7 basic tips for the security of your PC and smartphoneHidden propagandist of the Russian Federation: Fedulkina (Prokaeva) Anna PavlovnaPrograms for safe file viewingShelling of the administration of the "DPR" in the center of Donetsk: why the Armed Forces could not do it, the reasons for the shellingHow much money is needed to bury Russians?The death of the daughter of the propagandist Dugin and the fake accusation of the FSS of the Russian Federation: evidence why Nataliya Shaban is not involved in the murderWhy Azov are heroes, not terrorists: 3 explanations that even Russians will understandWhich "national minorities of Russia" are dying in the Ukrainian fields?Russian content in Ukrainian trends: which music platforms have the largest number of Russian tracks?Scheme of collaborators Kherson region: fact-checking by name and in-depth identification of all collaboratorsReport on the person "Yevtushenkov Volodymyr Petrovych": Russian oligarch associated with the government and army of the Russian FederationTorture and murder of a Ukrainian prisoner: Molfar identifies war criminalsOSINT Investigations on TikTokArtemiy Lebedev and his 10 childrenHow do the people of Belarus feel about the war in Ukraine?Fake and IPSO about missile attacks on KyivCrypto background check and $20m investment: How Molfar helps big companies find professionals?Terrorist attack in Vinnytsia: dance school as a strategic objectOverview of the activities of the Verkhovna Rada: One MP Less, Five Unapproved Initiatives and «DNA Database»Collaborators of the city of Kupyansk: a corrupt military person and child vandalsZelenskiyNFT: is it a scam project created by the russians? We have the evidence.Factchecking. Bombing of the children's hospital and maternity hospital in MariupolFact-checking of a missile strike on the city of Kremenchuk: why was it a planned terrorist attack?Days of Eurointegration in Ukraine's ParliamentVICE: Meet the US ‘Journalist’ Helping Spread the Kremlin’s PropagandaJudicial reform in Ukraine: analysis of the main principles and problems of reformStopFraud: an investigation into porn, gambling and russiaThe modern cannons that may make the difference in UkraineInvestigation into therelationship between ISPsystem, 1inch, FSS of the russian federation andcrypto-businessmensThe shelling of the oildepot in belgorod: this could be done by russian helicoptersRussian blogger el.ellyl justifies rape, war and murderFactchecking. Bombing of the children's hospital and maternity hospital in MariupolWhat's wrong with the International Committee of the Red Cross?Who supports russia's aggression against Ukraine?Investigation into the activities of online casino Pin-Up from russiaAnonymous tipsters, angry at russia, help detect sanctions-bustersChecking the activities of a competitor in the agricultural sectorRaiding, military seizure of businesses and buying memberships in political partiesDisclosure of a fraud scheme involving a well-known American brand of household chemicalsPart 1. Strategic methodology of russian propaganda: how to start a warPart 2. Tactical methodology of russian propaganda: how to justify the killing of civiliansInterview with Maryna OvsyannikovaRussian cattle from Kurgan that attacked a Ukrainian journalist in GermanyWho have shared the thoughts on Zelensky’s press marathon and which wayKolomoysky, Verevsky and other farmers. 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