Human Intelligence, HUMINT:
competitive intelligence, social engineering

Collecting of sensitive information in accordance to the task, receiving non-public data on services and tariffs of competitive companies, marketing research with the involvement of agents for direct contact. Search for competitors' solutions and competitors' features. Services of "mystery shopper". Receiving comments from industry experts, influencers and decision makers in commercial companies. Separate tasks of gathering information through contact with the object. Surveys of small and medium-sized target groups, analysis of the collected information.


Conducting the competitive analysis before launching a new project, product, service

Identification of company weaknesses during customer service in direct contact with the client, analysis of how effectively services are provided to customers, and other “mystery buyer” tasks

Analysis of the individual specialists' interaction or interaction of entire work units with each other

Receiving non-public sensitive information about products, identification of competitors' solutions, services and projects of competing companies

Collecting the necessary data directly from experts, opinion leaders and decision makers

Market research that reflects the real state of affairs in the field of research

Why Molfar?

Molfar has extensive experience in the field of social engineering. We organized and successfully completed a significant number of HUMINT contacts. Our experts have been strengthening their information gathering skills since 2019. We have collected and continue to collect information for large companies that work in the US, EU, Canada, Baltic and Scandinavian markets. And of course, we work at the Ukrainian market!

Stages of work

Preliminary research

First, we need to understand the task and conduct preliminary research – it's quick and free. We do not take on projects that we cannot complete.

Agreement of terms

We determine whether we can guarantee you the expected result, then we agree on the exact amount, execution time and details. If everything is ok, we accept the payment and get to work.

The result of the work

We send you the investigation materials in the agreed terms, after that, we are waiting for your feedback. Then we refine the materials and finalize the result.


What's in the report?

  1. Answers to the research questions according to the terms of reference.
  2. Analysis of the collected data according to the industry and goals of the research.
  3. Expert assessments, opinions, comments and insights.
  4. Media files received during the work.
  5. When ordering a marketing research – a comprehensive analysis of the collected information, including the construction of graphs and, if necessary, forecasting the expected changes in indicators based on mathematical models.