Person review

Checking the counterparty's reputation, finding weaknesses in the competitive reputation, checking the person's past, collecting compromising information, investigating fraud, screening employees, selecting applicants for employment, etc.


Assess all the risks of a possible partnership, agreements with a person, negative aspects of cooperation

Learn about the state of the person's affairs, his property and creditor assets

Have a professional assessment by analysts regarding the feasibility of concluding an agreement, starting a partnership, investing in a project or organization

Investigate the person's connections with other market participants, affiliated persons

Obtain legal information about a person's business projects, the legality of activities and possible fraud schemes

Investigate property assets and legal forms of registration through related persons businesses: what is "registered" for whom, in which country, who owns a house, what they are interested in, where they rest, what they drink, etc.

Why Molfar?

Molfar uses access to administrative databases, information from insiders, automatic collection of large data sets, secure research of social networks and other open sources of information.

Molfar services are confidential, it is impossible to establish the fact of the search, the customer of the service or its executor.

Stages of work

Preliminary research

First, we need to understand the task and conduct preliminary research – it's quick and free. We do not take on projects that we cannot complete.

Agreement of terms

We determine whether we can guarantee you the expected result, then we agree on the exact amount, execution time and details. If everything is ok, we accept the payment and get to work.

The result of the work

We send you the investigation materials in the agreed terms, after that, we are waiting for your feedback. Then we refine the materials and finalize the result.


What's in the report?

  1. Biography with details of life.
  2. Current activities, historical reference.
  3. Separately about the person's projects, legal entities.
  4. Schemes of fraud, money laundering or tax fraud.
  5. Financial indicators of activity, property in possession, assessment of existing assets.
  6. Negative: connections with sanctioned countries or persons, representatives of the criminal world, court proceedings, public scandals, lifestyle, etc.