Military investigations, fact-checks, information search and analytics

Molfar also provides services in the field of intelligence, training and coaching of OSINT specialists, including public sector, industry analytics, information systems vulnerability analysis, personal data protection, search of information of any complexity by open sources and closed registers, reporting on companies and people. We keep the anonymity of our clients.

What does Molfar mean?

Molfar is a global OSINT community of 35 highly qualified analysts and more than 200 volunteers working nonstop on:

– identification of war criminals;
– refutation of Russian propaganda;
– investigation of war crimes;
– a full archive of events of full-scale war;
– collection of the list of companies supporting Russian aggression.
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Media about us

Daily briefing on the Russia-Ukraine war

Molfar's team of professional OSINT analysts is providing a military report on the main events of the full-scale war in Ukraine on a daily basis.
Our briefing eliminates the need to review various sources. You will get all military analytics at one place including original sources in a convenient format.
Map of the intensity of air alerts by regions
Civilian casualties, including child deaths and injuries + Chart of infrastructure damage
Alternative estimates of civilian casualties.
Infographics on losses of the occupiers (soldiers, equipment)
Alternative estimates of losses among the occupiers.
War crimes committed by Russian soldiers in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine
Data archive
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