How is data collected?
Molfar uses access to public records, insider information, profiles on companies within the specific market segment, information from social media and other publicly available sources.
What is OSINT?
OSINT (open-source intelligence) is a methodology for collecting, analyzing and making decisions about data accessible in published or otherwise publicly available sources.
What are public, or open, sources of information?
Public sources of information include:
– Public records, data brokers;
– Wayback Machine and cached web pages;
– Social media profiles;
– Personal and corporate websites and blogs;
– Print and online newspapers, forums
Is it legal to collect information from public sources?
Unlike industrial espionage, open-source intelligence (OSINT) methods are legal and ethical. Molfar does not conduct video surveillance and does not launch cyber attacks to steal data.
What countries do you operate in?
Molfar operates globally around the world and has investigative experience in 60 countries. We also have access to administrative databases and company profiles in the CIS countries, USA, UK, China and Israel.
Is the information collected from public sources reliable?
All information provided in the Molfar research is accompanied by links to external sources, extracts from databases or audio recordings of the conversation. We question each source, check their information with other credible sources and verify what is true, weeding out false or unverified data.
Can you find the information we need using public sources?
Before signing the contract, we make a preliminary assessment of the research based on the client's input data, and also send several sample reports.
Are Molfar services confidential?
Molfar signs a non-disclosure agreement with each client. Data is collected anonymously.
When will I get the review?
Estimated completion time varies between 1 business day to 1 month, depending on the type of service. We apply extra charges for urgent jobs. You can find all the prices here.
Why is your service more expensive than private investigator services?
Private investigators provide surveillance and give basic information about a person and their property. Molfar analysts have access to commercial registers, non-public records, information broker databases, company profiles and insider information from market players. We analyze the data from 800-1200 newspapers, social media accounts, archives and court records before making a comprehensive report.