Ethics and corporate responsibility

Clients come to Molfar for an independent viewpoint when problems go beyond corporate management. Fraud detection, investment/grants misappropriation, corruption schemes, asset tracing and recovery, partner due diligence, and assistance in entering foreign markets. The agency gathers information from public sources and synthesizes inside information into ready-made solutions and tips. Our customers appreciate Molfar analysts work in accordance with law, ethics and corporate social responsibility. Molfar aims to protect clients' reputation.

Employee Policy

  • customer screening before signing the contract;
  • preliminary assessment of the task within one day after receiving the request;
  • сonfidentiality of research details.

Quality assessment

  • double-check — people lie, both offline and online;
  • selling texts and value judgments — no, red flags — yes;
  • there are no cases of "no information";
  • the analyst's research is checked by the head of the department.

Sources reliability and investigation objectivity

  • the statements in the reports are accompanied by references to external sources, statements from registers, audio recordings and transcripts of interviews;
  • data source is cross-checked with information from two other sources;
  • the research is carried out by a team of analysts with different backgrounds and experiences;
  • the background of at least one analyst of the working group is in accordance with the client's niche - a PhD in biophysics will be working with a pharmaceutical company.

Conflict of interest

  • we sign a non-disclosure agreement with a client;
  • we preserve the client's rights to the confidential information provided under the agreement;
  • we do not to disclose the investigation files to third parties;
  • we refuse to investigate the client on request of a third party for a period of three years;
  • we check and identify the client in order to avoid conflicts of interest in relation to previous clients.

Employees disinterest & neutrality

  • it is forbidden to be guided by personal interests and to seek to benefit oneself, family or friends from business opportunities and from one's job position;
  • all cases must be resolved regardless of personal preferences or views. The principles are documented in a non-disclosure agreement signed by each employee.

Mutual respect and diversity

  • Molfar is committed to creating a work environment in which all people are treated with respect and dignity. Our team embraces the differences and unique talents that each employee brings to the workplace;
  • Molfar operates in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Gender, age, social status, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual identity, religious and political beliefs, marital status and health status cannot be a reason for discrimination and cannot restrict professional activity.

Equal opportunities & diversity

  • we pay attention to our employees, treat everyone with fairness and respect and speak out against prejudice and hatred;
  • our experts come from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, combining industry expertise with online research techniques. Molfar's team includes analysts with expertise in investment, law, biochemistry, cryptography and the defence industry.