Company review

Corporate intelligence, pre due diligence, comprehensive check of private capital, check of the reputation of the counterparty, search for weaknesses in the competitive reputation, check of the past of the company and its strategic purposes, collection of compromising information, investigation of corporate fraud.


Obtaining information about the real state of the company, including insiders from employees and counterparties

Verification of the company's top management, their lifestyle and habits, establishment of related persons, trustees, verification of legal involvement of relatives in the management/ownership of the company

Historical information about the company, expert assessment of the type of activity, market position, potential for development and modernization, research on ways of development of the company

Complete review of legal information about the company, search for offshore assets and hidden connections with other companies, establishing the origin of capital

Accurate calculation of the value of the company's assets, attracted and provided investments, tracking of all financial transactions for a certain period, investigation of cases of reorganization of ownership rights, etc

Research of mentions in the media, scandals, media cases, involvement of affiliated persons with sanctioned counterparties, investors, schematic restoration of relationships of persons connected with the company

Why Molfar?

Molfar uses access to administrative databases, information from insiders, automatic collection of large data sets, secure research of social networks and other open sources of information.

Molfar services are confidential, it is impossible to establish the fact of the search, the customer of the service or its executor.

Stages of work

Preliminary research

First, we need to understand the task and conduct preliminary research – it's quick and free. We do not take on projects that we cannot complete.

Agreement of terms

We determine whether we can guarantee you the expected result, then we agree on the exact amount, execution time and details. If everything is ok, we accept the payment and get to work.

The result of the work

We send you the investigation materials in the agreed terms, after that, we are waiting for your feedback. Then we refine the materials and finalize the result.


What's in the report?

  1. Historical information about the company with details of the lives of managers, top managers and decision-makers.
  2. Current activities of the company, started projects, evaluation of their effectiveness, completed projects, calculation of quantitative changes in the company's assets.
  3. Legal information about the company, a comprehensive study of the ownership/management schemes of the company's assets.
  4. Fraud, money laundering or tax evasion schemes.
  5. Financial indicators of activity, property at the disposal of the company, assessment of existing assets and their validity.
  6. Negative: connections with sanctioned countries or persons, representatives of the criminal world, court proceedings, public scandals, the lifestyle of company leaders, etc.